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Commercial Drivers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Transport Truck, Commercial Drivers in Harrisburg, PA

Get back to work with legal assistance from Douglas K. Marsico in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We help commercial drivers avoid license suspensions.

Commercial Drivers—CDL Holders
Driver's license issues greatly influence a commercial driver's ability to work. Most drivers simply pay off a speeding ticket or risk the addition of points to their license for reinstatement. For a commercial driver, however, these penalties may result in the loss of a license and the ability to work.

Douglas K. Marsico is mindful of the risks involved if a CDL holder receives a traffic ticket. He is skilled at fighting traffic offense charges of all types and negotiating resolutions to help minimize the impact on commercial driver's records. If you are an out-of-state driver, he can appear on your behalf at the required hearings in Pennsylvania.

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