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Suspended License from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Avoid a suspended license with legal representation from attorney Douglas K. Marsico in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

License Suspensions & Traffic Offenses
You don’t realize how valuable your driving privileges are until you lose your driver's license. Douglas K. Marsico can help you to determine the legality of any suspensions imposed upon your license.

When you receive a notice of suspension from PennDOT, you have 30 days to surrender your license or file an appeal. Douglas K. Marsico  can assist you in appealing the suspension by determining if PennDOT's actions were consistent with the law.

Speeding Truck, Suspended License in Harrisburg, PA

Examples of offenses that trigger a license suspension include:

• Refusal of Chemical Testing for BAC
• Driving with a Suspended License
• Driving without a License
• DUI/Drunk Driving
• Reckless Driving
• Hit-and-Run
• Speeding

Refusing a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Test
If you refused a BAC test, your driver's license is automatically suspended for 1 year, regardless if you were found guilty of a DUI or not. To make matters worse, the 1-year suspension is added to any additional license suspension time you receive if later convicted of the DUI charge.

If you refused a BAC test, it is important to speak with a trusted defense attorney immediately, regardless of a notice of
DUI charge. An experienced DUI attorney, such as Douglas K. Marsico, helps you avoid the "double suspension" before
it's too late.

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